Dealing With Body Shaming

Dealing With Body Shaming

Dealing with issues surrounding self-image is difficult for anyone, but those who suffer from eating disorders may find it even harder when faced with these problems. 

Body shaming is a type of bullying. It occurs both online and in real life and can have horrible consequences for those on the receiving end. Commenting on someone’s appearance, specifically parts that they may be unable to change, can cause irreparable damage to a person’s mental health and how they view themselves. 

We encounter body shaming daily, from bullies online commenting on people’s social media posts to comments made in person, between friends and colleagues and even from strangers. 

Social media plays a huge part in how we construct an image of ourselves. What we post online shapes how strangers view us and being selective about what we post can be more damaging than we think. 

It’s easy to be mean over a screen and those who take pleasure in bringing others down may be unhappy with themselves. It isn’t just celebrities online that face this kind of judgement, many people encounter body shaming online and it can be difficult to filter out. 

Often, what we view online is not reality. Pictures can be retouched, photoshopped and changed to the point of being unrecognisable, so before you compare yourself, remember that not everything is truly as it seems. 

Maintaining a positive group of friends and minimising those you interact with online can help reduce the negativity you encounter. Giving people who don’t know you access to your online presence may invite online bullies into your space, so limiting who you interact with can minimise negative comments. 

If you encounter these bullies in your day-to-day life, engage positively and try to educate them on why comments about someone’s appearance can be damaging. People may not realise what they are saying is hurtful, so taking the time to give your perspective may prevent them from hurting anyone else’s feelings. 

Recognising the importance of body positivity in these situations is important for combating negative mindsets. Understanding that your body is yours and that nobody else should judge it is the first step. Being kind to yourself and reducing any judgement you make towards yourself can help as well.

This might be difficult, however, as internalising negative comments may prevent you from maintaining a positive outlook on yourself. Remembering that your body works for you and helps keep you alive and healthy can help improve your view of yourself and make you feel good.

Dealing with body shaming can be tough, but remembering that other people’s opinions don’t determine your worth is the best way to combat any negativity that may stem from hurtful comments and to start loving yourself again. 

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Published: 30 July 2022