How To Help Someone With An ED This Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, and whilst this is often a time for merriment and festivities, an eating disorder clinic is aware that it can be a particularly difficult, troubling and triggering time for some people.

Whilst there are many different types of eating disorders, each of which can be affected more at different times, Christmas is a rather unique period that is filled with particular challenges that are not seen at other times of the year.

If you know someone who has an eating disorder and is anxious about Christmas, it can be helpful to discuss these fears and see what can be done to help reduce the stress and anxiety at a time that should be full of joy.

Whilst these should not be seen as universal tips, here are some ideas for ways to help someone with an eating disorder during this festive period.

Do Not Set High Social Requirements

For people who do not like to eat on their own, the enforced sociality of Christmas dinner can seem like a waking nightmare.

It is therefore important to think ahead to how food will be a part of Christmas Day and to ensure the person that they do not have to do anything on the day that they feel uncomfortable with.

Arrange the day around what works best for them.

Serve Food As A Buffet

Having Christmas dinner as a buffet that someone can take and eat where they feel comfortable can be a real comfort to them, particularly if it is the social aspect and eating in front of other people that is causing a lot of anxiety.

Treat It As Routine

Christmas dinners can sometimes end up being left out, with seconds and sandwiches and other indulgences, but it may be beneficial to treat the dinner like any other meal.

Once it is done, the family moves on to other activities, such as games, watching films or socialising.

Published: 14 December 2021